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We are exclusive agents of Envopap for Greece and Cyprus offering:

Sustainable Paper

Introducing the world’s most eco-friendly and commercially viable paper range: envoCOPY and envoOFFSET. From copy paper you need at home to printing paper for your company brochures, this range is perfect for your everyday, office and business printing needs. Each of our sustainable paper products fights deforestation, reduce air pollution and guarantee great printability each time.

Sustainable Packaging

The one-stop shop for all your eco-friendly and sustainable packaging needs. From coating, painting, laminating or gumming for residential or industrial applications to steel interleaving, customers around the world trust our quality papers. With excellent runnability and printability, they are perfect materials to help carry strong brand messages. We recommend flexographic and offset printing methods.

Products made with an environmental difference

Create innovative paper and packaging solutions to reduce waste and revolutionise materials to help solve the environmental crisis.

Locally sourced agricultural-waste from sugarcane and wheat straw fibres blend together to create the fibres of our premium quality paper and packaging materials. Explore our sustainable solutions to help create a circular economy within your business.







Marine Degradable

Marine Degradable

Energy Saving

Energy Saving





While conventional printing paper is made from virgin wood fibres that can only be obtained by deforestation, our sustainable copy paper is made using agrowaste fibres that will otherwise end up as waste. Every 8 reams of envoCOPY produced saves one tree from being chopped down.





An uncoated, quality, sustainable offset paper with an ultra-smooth surface and tactile finish, envoOFFSET not only features outstanding printing properties but helps save the environment. Made from premium quality sugarcane fibres, every sheet ensures no trees are cut in the manufacturing process.

High Whiteness and Opacity

Jam-Free paper

Running on printers globally

EnvoKraft key features

Envopap kraft paper family includes products for a wide range of applications and wherever you need high strength, protection and flexibility. It is available in 120-450 GSM. It features odour neutrality and comes with a wet-strength option for high barrier protection against the effects of moisture and oxygen. This makes it a safe and a pure option even for direct food contact. Kraft paper is available plain or ribbed, and is delivered in reels or sheets. The paper can be of natural colour (brown) or bleached.

Kraft Board

Kraft Natural

Kraft Bold

Kraft White

Kraft E-Com

Kraft Board is envoPAP’s unbleached Kraft with a brown shade. With a GSM range of 80-230, this versatile and strong product is perfect for any form of sustainable box packaging. It can be used for making corrugated boxes as test liner, fluting medium paper, paper bags, ream wrapping and more.


GSM: 80-230

Kraft Natural is envoPAP’s unbleached light brown eco-friendly kraft packaging product with a GSM range of 40-80. Available in plain, Kraft Natural is USFDA and BfR certified (BFR XXXVI regulation). This material is ideal for book covers, grocery bags, gum tape, envelopes, wrappings, glass packaging and more.

GSM: 40-80

Kraft Bold is envoPAP’s unbleached dark brown packaging product with a GSM range of 40-100. Available in plain, Kraft Bold is USFDA and BfR certified (BFR XXXVI regulation). It is ideal for book covers, grocery bags, envelopes, wrappings, glass packaging and more.



GSM: 40-100

Kraft White – envoPAP’s bleached Kraft with white shade – is available in 30-80 GSM and is USFDA and BfR certified (BFR XXXVI regulation). It is designed to work well with a thermal coating and poly-lamination, and ideal for pouches, food wrappers and sachets.



GSM: 30-80

Kraft E-Com – envoPAP’s latest product – is biodegradable, recyclable and made from agricultural waste. Available in 60-155 GSM, the robust packaging protects goods during transit and reduces packaging waste through its additional peel and seal for returns. 



GSM: 60-155