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We are the exclusive agents of Norske Skog in Greece offering:


Nornews, high-quality standard newsprint product. Suitable for use on all types of cold set newspaper printing presses.

Improved newsprint

Improved newsprint products provide a range of brightness which enhances the printed images.

Super calendered

Super calendered (SC) is uncoated paper for rotogravure and heat set web offset.


Light weight coated (LWC) comes in matt or gloss finish, several brightness levels and many basic weights.

Nor Opaq

Nor Opaq Plus is a high end uncoated mechanical improved paper from Saugbrugs. With high opacity and high brightness it is suitable for demanding publications. Product is suited for Heat set web offset and Rotogravure printing only.

NorSC Polar

NorSC Polar is a lightweight uncoated paper. In combination with an appealing gloss level, NorSC Polar delivers excellent print quality especially for colorful images. NorSC Polar is also a cost effective alternative for LWC.

NorSC Lite

NorSC Lite combines print quality with sustainable production and environmental advantages for publishers and retailers. Lower basis weight reduces freight loads, emissions and costs, helping customers reach their environmental goals.

NorSC Value

Based on our unique fresh fiber TMP technology, the NorSC Value is thicker, has a smoother surface and a cleaner look compared to SC-B alternatives. When replacing SC-A and SC-B with NorSC Value, the basis weight can be reduced by 4 gr (8%) and 8-10 gr (16-20%) respectively, while maintaining the same thickness.

The Nor Brand

The Nor brand is not about giving our products a nice, catchy name. The Nor brand wants to be a hallmark for quality and a proof of consistency and reliability. The paper allowed to carry the Nor brand must meet the requirements of our customers for runnability, printability and properties such as brightness, opacity and smoothness.